TRISAN is a trinational competence centre for cross-border cooperation in the health sector based in Kehl (Baden-Württemberg). Our mission is to support health cooperation in the Upper Rhine region.

Our bilingual team of 5 employees

  • writes studies on cross-border health issues;
  • produces bilingual information material on health systems in Germany, France and Switzerland;
  • networks actors from the health sector and supports the exchange of best practices;
  • informs about current events in the health sector in the neighbouring country and offers comparative perspectives;
  • advises and accompanies health actors from Germany, France and Switzerland in the planning of cooperation projects in the Upper Rhine region.

The trinational competence centre was founded in July 2016 on the initiative of the public health working group of the Franco-German-Swiss Conference of the Upper Rhine as part of a project supported by the Operational Programme INTERREG IV Upper Rhine. The project’s lead partner is the Franco-German Euro-Institute, which was established in 1993, thus extending its expertise and competences to the field of cross-border health.

TRISAN is currently coordinating the INTERREG project "Trinational Framework for Cross-Border Health Care in the Upper Rhine Region", which is co-financed by regional health actors as well as by local and regional health authorities and local authorities. The aim of the project is to work out a trinational strategy for the development of health cooperation in the Upper Rhine region. In addition, concrete projects with direct benefits for citizens and operational actors will be implemented, for example in the areas of patient mobility, health professions, prevention and health promotion as well as infection control. Finally yet importantly, the project aims at defining the future role of the competence centre.

Our activities relate to central topics of the cross-border health cooperation. For example, with regard to patient mobility, TRISAN has developed an action protocol to simplify cross-border administrative procedures in the field of health insurance within the framework of a B-Solutions project. Furthermore, regulations, agreements and projects in the field of rescue services for the whole of Germany's external border were recorded for a survey initiated by the Federal Ministry of Health. At the request of the French regional health authority ARS Grand Est, TRISAN has also prepared a synthesis of existing and potential cross-border cooperation projects on the borders of the Grand Est region.