Goals and Missions

What is TRISAN?

TRISAN is a tri-national competency center that seeks to optimize transnational and cross-border cooperation through integrated projects in the healthcare field in the Upper-Rhine region. The primary objective of the competency center is to structure and develop cooperation efforts in matters of healthcare through structuring cross-border networks, helping partners to structure their cross-border projects as well as knowledge production and knowledge management in the field of cross-border cooperation in the health sector. 

 More specifically, TRISAN …

  • Identifies opportunities to cooperate in the healthcare field
  • Assists healthcare actors in defining and structuring new cooperation projects
  • Develops synergies
  • Offers healthcare actors a platform to present their projects 

What can TRISAN do for you?

  • Offer advice and assistance in the organization or structure of your cooperation projects,
  • Study around the completion of a project, feasibility of a project, or a territorial analysis,
  • Support and assistance in the creation of cross-border networks.

As well as…

  • Provide information on healthcare system  in the neighboring country,
  • Information on cross-border projects in the Upper Rhine, and
  • A toolbox for the management of cross-border projects and practical advice in the initiation and design of your cross-border projects


Do you need help creating a cross-border project? Don’t hesitate to contact the TRISAN team!

Our history

“Health in the Upper Rhine”

TRISAN is a project co-financed by the INTERREG V A Upper Rhine programme. It stems from the collaboration of the AG health-care policy of the German-French-Swiss Upper Rhine Conference and the Euro-Institut. The main objective of the joint-cooperation in the healthcare sector is to encourage cross-border exchanges on health topics, with the aim to support or create stakeholder networks, to encourage the development of cross-border cooperation projects and to optimize cross-border cooperation on healthcare in the Upper Rhine. In order to strengthen this cooperation, the tri-national competency center TRISAN was brought to life.

The plans for the INTERREG-Project were prepared in 2015 following the conference, “Health without Borders – Experiences and Chances in cross-border healthcare.” This conference was organized in November 2014 by the Euro-Institute in collaboration with Working Group healthcare policy, with the support of the German federal healthcare ministry in Baden-Baden. The grant application for the TRISAN project was approved on June 30th 2016 by the programming committee of the Upper Rhine INTERREG program.

Governing and executive board

Governing board

The TRISAN governing board includes the following formal partners : Euro-Institute (project lead partner), and the other co-financing  partners (the Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration of Baden-Württemberg, the Ministry for Social Affairs, Work, Health and Demography Rheinland-Pfalz), the Regional Health Agency for Grand Est, the Basel-City Health Department and Basel-City Districts, Basel-Country, Aargau), as well as the Swiss Confederation (represented through the Regio-Basiliensis, an inter-district coordination administration of the Basel Region), as well as the INTERREG Upper Rhine Programme.


Executive board

The executive board serves a dual function between the INTERREG-Project TRISAN and AG healthcare policy.

It holds representatives from the Agence Régionale de Santé Grand Est (Regional Health Agency of Grand Est), the Karlsruhe administration committee, and the Basel-City district health departments.

  • Karin Mertens, responsible for international relations in the ARS Grand Est
  • Peter Zeisberger, President of the economic division and infrastructure for the Karlsruhe administration committee
  • Peter Indra, Head of the healthcare division for the Basel-City healthcare department